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IEMBA General Management

 Globally, the demand for management and leadership competency is experiencing a tremendous growth. One may ask, why does such competency is in high demand? In today‚Äôs environment that is full of uncertainties, most organisations are now looking at new business model and management technology to remain relevant.

These can be a new product development, the Olympics, quality improvement initiatives; business transformation or a merger and acquisition exercise. Management technology is pushing the discipline beyond the traditional applications.

The iEMBA is NOT an academic programme designed and delivered by academician BUT an Industry Driven programme designed and delivered by real industry practitioners, with years of working experience holding proper academic qualifications. The facilitators will bring value to learners on the real competencies required in today and future business organisations. Learners will learn about the business management body of knowledge and prompted with real work-based case studies. This programme is targeted for those who wish to enhance their career in corporate world or aspire to become Business Owners or enhancing the current competencies of business owners. 

Programme Structure

The programme consists of core, elective and integrative modules. Learners complete all six (6) core modules, any two (2) elective modules and all integrative modules. The total learning for this program is 1,800 hours giving a total of 180 credits[1]. The details for each module are expanded in the respective module description.

The normal duration for this program is 10 to 12 months. However, a learner can appeal up to a maximum 24 months, subjects to approval by the Senate.